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How to install the toilet seat?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-25      Origin: Site

The toilet seat is used a lot in the bathroom. We put it on every time we flush the toilet. If you overexert yourself, the toilet seat can be damaged easily.  When the toilet seat is damaged, we need to replace it, but it will affect the comfort of our use, but also affect the normal use of the toilet.  

How to install the toilet seat?

1. Determine the position of the two fixing holes. There are two plastic nuts under the toilet to fix the two shafts, which can be seen from below.

2. Unscrew the two nuts on both sides separately, and you can unscrew it by hand, and it is not very tight. After the lid is loosened, the entire toilet lid can be removed. There are two holes can be japanese toilet seat - Billion

3. It can be seen that the newly purchased toilet cover has two pairs of plastic screws accessories, pass the screws through the plastic basket, and pay attention not to get the wrong direction. If you don't know the direction, please refer to the old cover that was removed.

4. After both are worn, push them in according to the position shown in the picture, and put the two plastic spacers in. If this step is not very clear, please take a look at the old cover, the principle is the same. The adjustable distance means that it can slide after being put in.

5. Put the new cover down according to the positions of the two holes, and then screw on the two plastic nuts similar to the first steps to remove the old cover. Both sides need to be twisted, and they can be tightened separately.

Extended information about toilet seat

The flushing principle of toilets on the market today is basically two categories: straight-flush and siphon. The siphon is divided into vortex siphon and jet siphon.

Blunt type sit implement is the impulse action that uses current, general pool wall is steeper, area of water storage is lesser, such hydraulic power is concentrated, the hydraulic power that falls around circle increases, blunt dirty efficiency is high.  

Advantages:  Simple straight strong pattern toilet flush pipe road, short path, pipe diameter thick, 9 to 10 cm in diameter (generally), using gravitational acceleration can rinse of water, flushing process short, compared with siphon from carrying capacity, straight strong pattern implement no return water to turn into, easy down the dirt, in the process of scour is not easy to cause congestion,  And there's no need for trash cans in the bathroom.  

Defect: Blunt type sits implement the biggest blemish flusher namely sound of water is big, still have as a result of putting water surface lesser, easy appear knot scale phenomenon, prevent smelly function also is inferior to siphon type to sit implement, additional, blunt type sits implement before eye breed is less on the market, choice face is inferior to siphon type to implement big.

Siphon type toilet structure is the drainage pipe is "∽" type, in the drainage pipe full of water will produce a certain level difference, by flushing water in the toilet sewage pipe suction will poo away, because the siphon type toilet flush is not with the help of water momentum, so the pool memory surface is larger, flush noise is smaller.  Siphon type sits implement still cent is vortex type siphon, spurt type siphon two kinds.

1) Vortex siphon  

This kind of sit implement flushes water mouth to set at sit implement bottom one side, the current forms vortex along pool wall when flushes water, such meeting increases the flushing strength to pool wall, also increased the suction of siphon effect, more benefit the dirty thing inside closestool eduction.  

(2) Jet siphon  

Further improvement on the siphon toilet, in the toilet at the bottom of the add a jet, aimed at the center of the drainage outlet, flush, part of water flowed from then circle cloth around the hole, part of jet mouth, the toilet is on the basis of the siphon with larger flow momentum, to wash away dirt quickly.