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PP Toilet Lid A-078A

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Toilet Bowl Cover Size A-078A

Size: 465x355mm

Material: PP

Shape: U shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-Locking

raised toilet seat cover cost - Billion

What material is the toilet seat cover better?

1. Urea formaldehyde  

Urea-formaldehyde made toilet seat its material quality is better, but also very good wear resistance, appearance  

The design is also very unique, because it is made of powder, so the shape of the toilet is arbitrary.  The tension is very large, and the appearance is clean and bright as a mirror, so most urea-formaldehyde cover products belong to high-grade products, and the price is also very expensive, generally between 200 and 400 pieces.  

2 .The PVC board  

The TOILET made of PVC board is common in our life, and it is relatively affordable in terms of price  

VC board process is mainly vacuum blister film, belongs to plastic material.  In life this material toilet seat is also the most  

Common, its biggest use value is hard, durable, but also cheap.  


Wooden toilet cover plate is generally rare, this wooden toilet cover in maintenance and use will be more trouble, mainly used in some high-grade wooden toilet.  Wood products mild, heat preservation, close to the skin, close to nature, is the best choice for indoor materials.  But for toilets, wood products are perishable and other problems.  So woodiness closestool should pass special craft processing, the price also compares ao GUI.