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PP Toilet Lid A-113

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White Toilet Seat Cover A-113

Size: 445x375mm

Material: PP

Shape: V shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: One key design

heritage toilet seat cover buy - Billion

PVC board toilet seat in hardness is higher than the general plastic material, practical degree is also relatively high.  Toilet seat material - plastic, plastic toilet seat price is relatively low, basically quoted between three hundred to eight hundred yuan of toilets, toilet seat are made of plastic material.  The toilet seat made of this material is relatively low in price, and the corresponding product quality is slightly lower than other materials.  

Wooden toilet seat Material - Wooden toilet seats are not common because they are rarely matched with anything other than wooden toilets.  The wooden lid has also been specially treated to make it waterproof.  In terms of price, the price of wooden toilet seat is also relatively high because of the high production cost.  

Toilet seat material - acrylic, material is specially treated plexiglass, this kind of glass in hardness is relatively high, but also relatively high cost.  The toilet seat of this kind of material is relatively high in beauty, generally applied to the toilet of the high-end market, in addition, it is also relatively high in gloss and color.