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PP Toilet Lid A-119A

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Sanitary Seat Cover A-119A

Size: 470x345mm

Material: PP

Shape:square shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-Locking

seat cover for western toilet - Billion

Automatic toilet seat is divided by type, one is automatic change sleeve, the other is automatic change sleeve plus washing.  

1. Button operation, simple and quick: before use, gently press, ITOILET will automatically switch over the sanitary roll paper, at the same time, automatic destruction, quick and easy;  

2.  A  layer of film, very assured: clean and soft new health film completely separate the skin from the cushion, visible health, "enjoy the private toilet", who "then" have the feeling of home;  

3. Reduce costs, energy saving and money saving: use paper towels to cushion the toilet, or clean with water, the cost is high, and the effect is not ideal.  Use the itoilet  

"Intelligent cleaning pad", all problems solved, it can be said to save money, labor and worry;