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PP Toilet Lid A-519A

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Magnum Toilet Seat Cover A-519A

Size: 475x340mm

Material: PP

Shape:square shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-locking

magnum toilet seat cover - Billion

The cleanness method of closestool:

1. Skillful in addition to the water basin above the toilet caused by yellow scale yellow scale is the main reason for minerals from the water.  If produce the word of macula, can use cloth to plug the outlet hole, inject hot water and then dissolve a little chlorine bleach.  Let it sit for a while before scrubbing with a brush.  The blackened part dips in metal bright cleaner agent, reoccupy toothbrush brush, rinse with clean water finally can.  

2.Water pipe water tank cleaning method because of the water tank outside often appear small water droplets, if not immediately treated, it is easy to cause damage to the floor and mildew, once found the attachment of black scale, can use fine sandpaper to remove.  As to the pipe or handle because it is easy to become dirty and rusty, so usually should be wiped with dry cloth, ten thousand existing rust, can use steel wire ball erasable, and then on its top coating a layer of wax to avoid rust again.