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PP Toilet Lid A-8019A

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Potty Seat For Old Age A-8019A

Size: 460x355mm

Material: PP

Shape: V shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: One key design

toilet bowl seat cover size - Billion

PVC toilet cover material advantages and disadvantages  

PVC cover is commonly used as a toilet seat, also known as PVC for PVC, because PVC is mainly composed of PVC, 

considering the performance characteristics of PVC, has a very wide range of uses, are also used in different 

industries and fields, in our daily life we can see PVC material products,  Such as PVC wardrobe, PVC curtain and

 PVC material table cloth chair cushion cover, for PVC classification is also extensive, different classification is also 

different in use, for the PVC material used to make toilet seat, fresh color, corrosion resistance and strong and 

durable, but the toughness, heat resistance and easy ductility are not enough,  In the production process will be 

enhanced by some toxic decoration accessories, such as plasticizer and anti-aging agent, in the environmental 

protection is not urea-formaldehyde and acrylic material is good, but there are certain advantages in these three 

materials, is the price is the cheapest of the three.