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PP Toilet Lid A-For Kids Soft Close

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Bathroom Seat Covers A-For Kids Soft Close

Size: 340x270mm

Material: PP

Shape: U shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-locking

oversized toilet seat covers - Billion

The first step:  

The two circles shown in the picture are where the two fixing holes are located. There are two plastic nuts at the bottom of the toilet to hold the two shafts, which can be seen from below.  

Turn the two nuts on both sides separately, and the hand can be turned down. It is not too tight.  Then the lid comes loose and you can remove the entire lid.  You can see two holes.  

You can see that the newly purchased toilet seat has two pairs of plastic screws attached to it. Thread the screws through the plastic basket and make sure they are in the right direction.  If you do not know the direction please refer to the removed old cover.  

When both are in place, push them in as shown and insert two plastic gaskets.  If this step is not clear, take a look at the old lid, the principle is the same.  Adjustable distance means you can slide it in.  

Place the new cover in the same position as the two holes, then screw the two plastic nuts on as you removed the old cover first.  I want to screw both sides, just screw them tight.

After the above steps, a new toilet seat is replaced.  Generally bought toilet seat washers and LIDS are together, there will be corresponding screws and nuts accessories.