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PP Toilet Lid A-Lash Type01

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Polyresin Toilet Seat A-Lash Type01

Size: 425x340mm

Material: PP

Shape: U shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-locking

plastic toilet seat cover price - Billion

Urea-formaldehyde toilet lid material advantages and disadvantages  

Urea-formaldehyde cover board is to use more toilet cover, urea-formaldehyde urea-formaldehyde resin, of 

course, there are a lot of other alias, such as urea formaldehyde resin, asbestos-cement board and fiber amphibole,

 etc., to understand the pros and cons of urea-formaldehyde toilet cover material, must not be less understanding 

of the material performance, for urea formaldehyde material generally is soluble in water,  Curing also is more 

easy, use after curing, for after curing of urea-formaldehyde non-toxic, colorless, and good light fastness, is one of 

the very good environmental protection building materials, colour and lustre is strong both in use for a long time 

and thermoforming not changing color, if you want to make a colorful products, you can add all kinds of colorants for dyeing processing, urea-formaldehyde hard scratch resistant,  And corrosion resistance to oil, the price is cheap, but easy to water, so water resistance is poorer, and the electric resistance is poor, thermal stability is not high also, so can be used for water resistance and low electrical resistance of products, such as switches, lug plate and some children cutlery set production and so on, but in the implement of production can only produce the toilet cover,  Although urea-formaldehyde has certain disadvantages, it does not affect the performance of the toilet seat. 

The toilet cover made by urea-formaldehyde is very durable, so it is more used.