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PP Toilet Lid A-Lash Type019

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Padded Toilet Seat A-Lash Type019

Size: 470x360mm

Material: PP

Shape: V shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-locking

padded toilet seats for elderly - Billion

Acrylic toilet cover material advantages and disadvantages  

Acrylic cover plate is the most toilet cover, acrylic can also be called is the strength, because it is a polymer material, so there is also a chemical name is methyl methyl propylene, for acrylic material itself, is the earliest development of a kind of important plasticity of polymer materials, from the characteristics of acrylic material, has good transparency,  Chemical stability and weather resistance, etc., processing as well as the dyeing is very easy, and appearance is very beautiful, so is in use widely, with respect to its use in toilet, in the production of the design is very delicate, and bright color is more diverse, there is no any harmful substances on environmental protection and radiation,  Excellent toughness on the function is not easy and broken, with durable properties, and the characteristics of the climate resistance ensures that in the cold winter will not has the feeling of cold, of course not only acrylic implement has such advantages, made use of acrylic basin and yakeli bath crock also has the same effect, thus for acrylic toilet cover has a long service life,  The design is novel and the color is bright, the cleaning is simple and the maintenance is more convenient.