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Smart Toilet Seat Cover IT3011A

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Smart Toilet Seat Cover IT3011A Product Description:

Parameter of Smart Bidet Toilet Seat:

Model: IT-3011A

Shell material: ABS Color: white (other colors can be customized) Convenience cover: PE Control method: manual button

Power supply voltage: input ACl00-240V 50/60HZ. Output voltage: 8.4V-2A

Battery voltage: 7.4V (lithium battery) Power consumption: Static power≤0.5W Dynamic power≤5W Installation method: The installation board is separated from the host, and the installation is adaptive. 

Function of Electronic Bidet Toilet :

1. Button control for changing sleeves

2. Humanized seat ring

3. The overall flip-up hatch

4. Delayed response

5. Motor overload protection

6. Multiple waterproof and moisture-proof

7. The maximum capacity of the cabin is 120 times

8. Simple shape without cover

How to buy the right toilet seat?

1. Consider the safety of smart toilets

When purchasing, you must check whether it meets the national standards and ask to show relevant documents. After all, smart toilets need power supply for functions such as water heating, seat heating, drying, etc., and safety must be considered when using electricity. Therefore, when choosing a smart toilet, you must consider that the material of the product must be added with flame retardant materials to prevent accidents such as fire caused by accidents. Moreover, the smart toilet should also take into account the safety protection of each link function, such as automatic power-off of water heating, automatic protection of seat ring heating, automatic power-off protection of warm air drying, etc. A qualified smart toilet product needs to meet the safety standards of international inspection.

2. Is the smart toilet easy to clean?

Carefully observe the surface of the toilet, check whether it is flooded under the light, and then touch the surface with your hand, it should be clean, smooth, and crystal clear; there are no obvious pinholes, lack of glaze and cracks; tap the toilet, the sound is clear and pleasant, no cracks sound, no deformation in appearance, etc. Reach for the drain pipe and see if the drain is also glazed. The ceramic body of Jiezuo intelligent toilet is fired at a high temperature of 1280 degrees Celsius to fully ensure the flatness of the ceramics, and the seamless integrated forming technology makes the ceramic surface seamless, ensuring that the ceramic surface does not accumulate dirt and is easy to clean.

How to install toilet seat cover?

1. Some toilet lids are fixed with screws. At this time, you only need to find the screw cap, use a wrench to remove the screw, and then replace it with a new one. The screw cap installed in the bright place is easy to unscrew directly, and the screw cap installed in the dark place cannot be seen. It is usually located on the side of the toilet near the water tank. After opening the cover, you can usually find it by touching it in the direction of the water tank.

2. If the toilet is fixed with fixing bolts, when replacing the toilet cover, you only need to remove the fixing bolts behind the toilet to remove the old toilet cover. After measuring the size, screw hole distance, and toilet cover After the width and length, buy a new toilet seat for replacement, and screw the screw in the opposite direction during installation.

3. Generally, different styles of toilet covers have different installation methods. Some toilet covers are connected to the toilet by screws. Just reach the back of the toilet, find the screws on both sides and unscrew them. The whole cover can be taken off, and then the toilet cover can be replaced, which is also convenient.

4. Of course, if these simple disassembly methods do not work, it is recommended to find professional maintenance and installation personnel to disassemble and replace the toilet cover. Remember not to force the disassembly by yourself, which will cause damage to the toilet. Otherwise, the entire toilet needs to be replaced. , the cost will be higher.