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Smart Toilet Seat Cover IT5100A

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Smart Toilet Seat Cover  IT5100A Product Description:

Parameter of electric toilet seat:

Model: IT-5100A

Shell material: UF Color: white (other colors can be customized) Clean cover: PE Control method: manual button

Power supply voltage: input ACl00-240V 50/60HZ. Output voltage: 8.4V-2A

Battery voltage: 7.4V (lithium battery)

Power consumption: Static ≤0.5W Dynamic ≤5W Installation method: The installation board is separated from the host, and the installation is adaptive.

 Function of Modern automatic toilet seat:

1. Button control for changing sleeves

2. Urea-formaldehyde slow falling cover

4. The overall flip-up hatch

5. Delayed response

6. Motor overload protection

7. Multiple waterproof and moisture-proof

8. The maximum capacity of the cabin is 60 times

9. Rinse with cold water

Advantages of PP toilet seat cover

1. It has good acid and alkali resistance, and can resist a variety of organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion. Common acid and alkali organic solvents have little effect on it.

2. Non-toxic, tasteless, low density, good anti-electric performance and high frequency insulation, not easily affected by humidity.

Disadvantages of PP toilet seat cover

1. The aging resistance of the PP cover is very poor, and it is usually very old after two or three years;

2. The material is soft, not wear-resistant, and has poor scratch resistance.

Expansion content: the toilets in the current home life, the materials of the toilet cover are basically plastic, wood, bamboo, urea-formaldehyde cover, stone, acrylic. Among them, the most common toilet cover on the market is acrylic cover, which has the advantages of long moisture and acid resistance, long service life, bright colors, easy maintenance and simple cleaning, and can be scrubbed with soap or a soft cloth.