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UF Toilet Lid A-0755

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Toilet Tank Lid A-0755

Size: 460x365mm

Material: UF

Shape: Ultra-thin U shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: One key design

Toilet Tank Lid A-0755

How to replace the auto close toilet seat?

1. Before installation, check whether the sewage pipe is unblocked and the installation floor is clean.  

2.  The supporting sealing ring is installed on the sewage outlet of the toilet.

3.  Determine the installation position of the toilet.  Slowly lower the toilet seat (sewage outlet) to the outlet of the pipe, adjust the correct position, then (with chalk or whiteboard marker) mark the sides of the toilet seat and determine the mounting hole.  

4. Drill mounting holes.  Locate the screw marking hole, drill the installation hole (diameter: 10 mm, depth: 60 mm) with a hammer drill, and install the expansion nail.  

5.  Put glass glue on the inside of the marking line.  

6.  Align the installation hole and the glass glue around the toilet, and slowly press down until it is level.

7. In the seat and the ground connection of glass glue, and trim around to ensure beautiful.

8.  Install the anchor screws.

9. Connect the water inlet pipe and check whether the filter is installed.

10. Clean the ground and tools, do not use immediately (glass glue curing generally takes 24 hours), keep the toilet around 24 hours do not contact water