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UF Toilet Lid A-0756

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Bidet Toilet Seat A-0756

Size: 490x385mm

Material: UF

Shape: Ultra-thin V shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: One key design

Bidet Toilet Seat A-0756

How to remove uf toilet seat cover?

Generally, the toilet seat is fixed with screws. At this time, only need to find the screw cap, screw the screw down with a screw knife, and the toilet seat can be removed.  The screw caps installed in the open place are easy to be twisted off directly, while the screw caps installed in the dark place are invisible. They are usually located on the side of the water tank in the toilet, and can be found by touching the water tank after opening the toilet seat.  If the bottom of the toilet seat is connected to the toilet seat using a fixing bolt, when replacing the toilet seat, just unscrew the fixing bolt on the back of the toilet seat and remove the toilet seat.  Then buy a new toilet seat to replace, install the screw when the opposite direction can be operated.  

Now there is quick removal of the toilet seat, as long as both hands hold down the toilet seat root movable screw, is to lift the toilet seat.  

How to remove toilet seats universal?

First unplug the power plug from the socket, then close the water inlet valve, stop the water supply, lift the intelligent toilet seat lid up, take it off the toilet seat, put the intelligent toilet seat lid gently on the floor cushion, be careful not to break the antifouling nozzle, so that the intelligent toilet seat lid will be removed.  When removing the smart toilet seat, it should be noted that the power plug must be removed from the socket. If the dry burning of the warm water tank, it will cause smoke or fire.  To drain the warm tank of water, water in the warm tank can cause electricity leakage.  When removing the intelligent toilet seat for cleaning, be careful to put it gently, otherwise it may lead to water leakage and failure. Do not turn the intelligent toilet seat upside down or directly place it on the ground without unplugging the power supply, which may lead to scratches or failure.  

How to remove the bidet toilet seat?

The old toilet is usually not fully enclosed, you can touch the bolt on the side of the toilet lid, you can unscrew the lid by hand.  If the seat ring is replaced with a longitudinal bolt, it can be removed as a whole.  So it's a lot easier to remove the lid from the old toilets than the newer ones, which are all up against the wall and it's really hard to reach back and remove the bolts.