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UF Toilet Lid A・0852(Wood Grain3)

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UF Toilet Lid  A・0852(Wood Grain3)

Size: 420x375mm

Material: UF

Shape: Ultra-thin 0 shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm 

Installation: One key design

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How to replace the wood elongated toilet seat?  

In our daily life, the toilet is a very important daily necessities.  Although the closestool brand on the market has a lot of, but no matter the closestool of which kinds of brand, use time is long can appear a few problems, for instance hair yellow, toilet seat cover craze wait for a circumstance.  The occurrence of these situations will seriously affect the use, so it is necessary to timely repair or replacement.  So, what's the way to install a toilet seat?  How to replace the toilet seat properly?  

1.When replacing the toilet seat, just remove the fixing bolt at the rear of the toilet to replace it, and operate in the opposite direction when installing it.  Most toilet seats are of any size, so just adjust two bolts when installing them.  But also need to measure the size, screw hole distance, the width and length of the toilet seat, and then buy a new toilet seat for replacement!  

2. Find the screw cap, remove it with a movable handle, and replace it with a new one.  Generally, it is difficult to find the position of the screw cap, some in the light, some in the dark.  Screw cap in the dark, in the toilet next to the water tank side, open the cover.  Reach in with your hand, up, toward the direction of the water tank over, should be able to touch, see is invisible.  

3. Different styles of toilet seat installation is also different, in general, the bottom of the toilet seat is connected to the position of the toilet seat, the back is screwed up, as long as you reach down to find the screws on both sides of the lid can be unscrewed to remove the whole lid.