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Use of pressure damper

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The principle of toilet seat dampers

When the toilet falls, the rotating shaft is driven to rotate, and the damping oil is squeezed from the direction of the large hole to the direction of the small hole through the screw. Generally used in the case of heavy cover plate, it is filled with a certain amount of damping oil, and there is a rotating shaft in the middle.

Damping helps to reduce the resonance amplitude of the mechanical structure, so as to avoid the structure damage caused by the vibration stress reaching the limit; damping helps the mechanical system to quickly return to a stable state after an instantaneous impact.

Damping helps reduce sound radiation due to mechanical vibrations and reduces mechanical noise. The noise of many mechanical components, such as the housing of the transportation tool and the saw blade, is mainly caused by vibration. The use of damping can effectively suppress the resonance, thereby reducing the noise.

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When ζ = 1, the solution is a pair of multiple real roots, and the damping form of the system at this time is called critical damping. In real life, the doors of many rooms or bathrooms in many buildings are equipped with torsion springs for automatic door closing, and correspondingly equipped with damping hinges, so that the damping of the door is close to the critical damping, so that when people close the door or the door is blown by the wind, Doesn't make too much noise.

In actual vibration, since friction always exists, the energy initially obtained by the vibration system will continue to do negative work to the system due to the resistance during the vibration process, so that the energy of the system is continuously reduced, the intensity of vibration is gradually weakened, and the amplitude is also reduced. It is getting smaller and smaller, so that the final stop vibration, like this, due to the mechanical energy of the system, due to friction and conversion into internal energy, the vibration amplitude weakens with time.

Use of pressure damper

A. When the rotating buffer of this series starts to fall from the vertical position to the horizontal position as shown in Figure 1, the designed torque is weakest at the beginning position. As the Angle of the buffer rotates, the torque gradually increases, so the lid can be closed slowly at the end.  Figure 2 shows that when the lid falls from the horizontal position, the torque due to the weight of the lid is zero in the vertical direction, and the buffer has the maximum torque in the last position, so the lid cannot be closed completely.  

B. When using a rotary buffer, calculate the required torque as follows.slow drop toilet seat price - Billion

Ex. :  

The weight of cover M:1kg  

The length of the rotating axis from the edge of the cover plate L:0.5m  

Load torque: T=1×0.5×9.8÷2=2.45N•m  

Based on the above calculation, we selected the buffer as LF-18E-25kGF. cm(25kgF. cm≈2.45Nm).  

C. Please minimize the clearance between the rotating shaft and the combined parts. If there is clearance, the speed of the cover plate will be affected when the rotation falls.  

Buffer torque will change according to the change of ambient temperature.  The variation rule is that the torque decreases and the action time speeds up with the increase of ambient temperature; the torque increases and the action time slows down with the decrease of ambient temperature. This is because the viscosity of viscous oil changes with the change of ambient temperature.  But when the ambient temperature returns to normal, the torque returns to its original value.  

The rotation Angle of LF-35 series rotary buffer is 110 degrees, if the rotation exceeds 110 degrees, the buffer may be damaged, please install stop mechanism outside.  The Angle of action is based on the closed position.