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Zinc Alloy Toilet Damper WW20J4S

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Toilet Seat Fixtures WW20J4S

Model: WW20J4S

Product Name: Zinc Alloy Damper

Torque: 1.0—4.0N , m

Openning Angle: 115°

Closing Angle: -5°

Performance' 115°to75°fast, 75°to0*slowly

Material: Shaft:Zinc Alloy, House: PBT+GF

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How to install and replace smart zone dampers?

When you use the lid for a long time, you sometimes find that when you put the lid on, the lid pops off and lands heavily on the toilet.  If you go to the bathroom at night, it can be very jarring.  And the closestool that buys newly, the lid is to drop slowly commonly, can stagger to come down in arbitrary Angle.  If the toilet seat is falling fast, there is a failure of its damping system, or slow drop system.  So how to deal with this kind of failure?  

1. First check the toilet seat.  Put the upright toilet seat down. If it can stay in any position and fall slowly and evenly, there is nothing wrong with the toilet seat.  If the lid or seat falls with a snap, there is a problem with the damping system.  

2. Press the inside of the pin that connects the toilet seat to the outside of the toilet seat and lift the lid up.  It's easy to take the lid off.  If you look at it from the outside, you can't see any place to remove it. This is where you have to explain how to remove the toilet seat.  

3. With the short end of the six-angle corner wrench, insert one end of the pin from the outside and push it hard against the inside. The pin will come out.  Then take out the pins on the other side.  This is also an important step, generally can not find a place to disassemble.  

4. The two pins that came down are the damping slow drop system of the toilet seat.  It generally consists of an internal and external cylinder and a viscous damping fluid sealed in the cylinder.  The failure is due to poor sealing and leakage of damping fluid, so it is difficult to maintain and can only be replaced.  After dismantling, measure the dimensions of each part and buy the same type of pin according to the structure.  

5. Install the pins onto the toilet seat in the reverse order of removal.  Then the two holes on the pin below the toilet seat are aligned with the two small columns on the toilet seat, and a downward pressure is installed.

6. After installation, check that the toilet seat and toilet seat can stay in any position.  As long as it can stay in any position, it means that there is no problem with the damped slow drop system.  The disassembly of the toilet seat can also be used in cleaning and sanitation.  There will be dirt in the toilet after using it for a long time. Remove the toilet seat in accordance with the above method and it can be easily cleaned.  If you don't take it down, there are a lot of places tools can't reach and can't clean.  

Remark: When buying pins, you must carefully measure the size and choose and buy accessories of the same model.