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Zinc Alloy Toilet Hinge WH16

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Wooden Toilet Seat Hinges WH16

Model: WH16

Product Name: Zinc Alloy quick release Hinge

Torque: 1.2-2.5N • m

Openning Angle: 115°

Closing Angle: -5*

Performance! 115ttto 75°fast, 75°to(Tslowly

Material: Zinc Alloy

Wooden Toilet Seat Hinges WH16

Wooden Toilet Seat Soft Close Hinges Application

The hinges:

Spray gasket hinge, spray nylon hinge, imitation copper gasket hinge, imitation silver gasket hinge.

Choosing Mats:

Check material and weight  

Hinge quality is poor, cupboard door is used for a long time easy to fall back and forth, loose prolapse.  The ambry hardware of big brand uses cold roll steel almost, press is formed, feel is thick, the surface is smooth.  And, as a result of surface coating is thick, rust not easily so, strong and durable, bearing capacity is strong, and inferior hinge is thin iron sheet welding is made commonly and become, do not return elasticity almost, the time that uses is a bit longer can lose flexibility, bring about cupboard door not strict solid, even crack.  

Experience feel  

The hinge of actor of bad actor is used when feel is different, the hinge of quality excellent is in the force when opening cupboard door is more downy, the meeting that closes 15 degrees bounces automatically, bouncy is very even.  Consumer can switch cupboard door much when choose and buy, experience feel.  

View the details  

Details can tell whether the product is good, thus confirming whether the quality is superior.  The hardware that high grade chest hardware uses feels thick, the surface is smooth, achieved mute effect even on the design.  Inferior hardware uses the cheap metal such as thin iron sheet to be made commonly, cupboard door draws raw, have harsh sound even.  

Select hinge in addition to visual inspection, feel hinge surface smooth, should pay attention to the return performance of the hinge spring.  The quality of the reed also determines the opening Angle of the door panel. A good reed can make the opening Angle more than 90 degrees.