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How to replace the damping of the toilet cover?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-11      Origin: Site

The long-term opening and closing of the toilet cover will cause great damage to the toilet and toilet cover, which will seriously affect its service life, so we can only put it down gently. To improve this situation, the rotary damper is the key. Its unique buffering and damping functions can improve the descending process of the toilet lid into a gentle mechanical movement process, making it appear a slow and rhythmic descending process, so that it can avoid the gravity caused by inertial falling. , It can not only eliminate the interference of noise, but also increase the life of the toilet cover, killing two birds with one stone, the Jingen damper is better in reducing the impact force of the toilet cover, and can improve the life of the toilet cover.toilet seat screw fixings cost - Billion

How to replace the damping of the toilet cover when it is broken?

1. When the toilet lid damping is broken - consider the size

Many people don't quite understand the size of the toilet cover, because the toilet has actually been designed according to the physiological characteristics of the human body since the toilet came out of the manufacturer, and several different sizes have been designed to suit different groups of people. There will be all kinds of odd sizes, because since the birth of the toilet, most households have used the same size. But the toilet seat is different, the size of the toilet is standard, and the toilet seat can be large or small.

If your toilet seat is broken and needs a new one, you need to measure the exact size of the toilet seat to get a new one. You can measure according to the method mentioned above, and measure the size at several specific locations. The toilet cover is not only one size, the outer cover of the toilet can have many shapes, which can be round or square. If you are worried about measuring by yourself If it is not allowed, you can wash the toilet cover in your own home and remove it, and directly take it to a manufacturer that sells bathroom series products to compare and then buy it. If the size of the toilet cover is not suitable, the cover will be loose. And there will be very loud noises, so it is also important to choose the right size toilet seat.

2. Consider the width

Due to the difference in shape, the width of different toilets is different, but generally 30CM-50CM. For the average fat person, the width of 50cm is no problem! The height of the toilet is not very concerned. Generally, the height of the toilet is about 70cm, the length is about 70cm, and the minimum is 62cm. This is the rule!

Regarding the relevant content of the replacement steps for the damaged toilet seat damping, the editor will introduce it to you here. In fact, it is not a rare thing that the damping of the toilet lid is broken. Many consumer families are prone to such problems after using the toilet for a long time.