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Toilet Damper

A good toilet damper can increase the life of the toilet seat and reduce the falling noise.

The principle of the slow-drop damping of the toilet cover is the slow-drop damping system, which is composed of an inner and outer cylinder and damping oil sealed in the cylinder. When the toilet cover falls, it will drive the rotating shaft to rotate, and press the damping oil from the large hole to the small hole through the screw. Because the hole is small, it will be slowly discharged, so as to realize the slow down function of the toilet cover.

The toilet cover slow-down device is formed by adding buffer damping grease between the shaft and the shaft sleeve, and combining it with a reverse card.

When the cover is opened, the shaft and the shaft sleeve are stuck together and rotate at the same time, and the damping grease does not work, so they are opened normally; when the cover is dropped, the shaft and the shaft sleeve follow the stubble and are not stuck together, and the outer sleeve and the base of the shaft sleeve are stuck in the opposite direction. Damping grease works, forming a slow drop.

Hinge buffer damping grease is a new type of damping buffer sealing grease formulated from synthetic oil with high viscosity temperature coefficient. It is specially used for toilet cover hinges or toilet buffer hinges; it has a wide temperature range (-30~ 150℃), safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-volatile, anti-wear lubrication, obvious buffering effect, can reduce the acceleration during the descending process of the cover, keep the toilet cover falling evenly for a long time, and prevent the cover from contacting the toilet. There will be no strong collision, it is not easy to be lost, and the service life is long. It is suitable for buffering and silencing of the slow-opening mechanism of automatic sanitary ware (toilet lid hinge); it is suitable for blocking buffer parts of door hinges, furniture hinges, rotating shafts, etc.; it can be used for metal hinges and plastic hinges.