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Plastic Toilet Damper WW20H8S

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Toilet Lid Parts WW20H8S

Model: WW20H8S

Product Name: Plastic Damper

Torque I 1.0-3.0 N ♦ m

Openning Angle: 115°

Closing Angle * 一5°

Performance: 115*to75*fast, 75*toO°slowly

Material: Shaft:POM, House:PBT+GF

Plastic Toilet Damper WW20H8S - Billion

What is toilet lid damper?

1.Toilet toilet damper is a kind of unidirectional rotary damper which can rotate 360 degrees.  The damping force produced by the sealing oil in the damper on its power.  Normally, such dampers need to be fixed to a rotating shaft and rotated in one direction to make it rotate.  Cylinder shock absorber torque is small, suitable for precision parts.  

2.The damper made of damping is a very important component in hardware fittings, but how does it work?  Dampers were first applied in aerospace, military and other industries, and their main role is shock absorption efficiency. Later, they were slowly applied to construction, furniture and hardware industries.  Dampers appear in various forms, such as pulsating dampers, magnetorheological dampers, rotary dampers, hydraulic dampers, etc. Different dampers may have different forms, but their principles are the same, they are all for reducing vibration, converting friction into internal energy, and driving the operation of the whole system.  

Damping generally refers to the obstruction of the relative motion of the object, and the generated motion friction energy effectively converted into the need for heat energy or other dissipative energy.

Damper characteristics

A. Temperature characteristics

The torque produced by the damper changes when it is affected by the ambient temperature. This is because the change of temperature will cause the viscosity of the damping oil to change, and the torque output will decrease with the increase of temperature; it will increase with the decrease of temperature. When the temperature returns to normal, the torque will also return to its original value.

Plastic Toilet Damper WW20H8S - Billion

B.  Speed characteristics:

The torque of the damper also changes when the rotation speed is different. In general, when the rotation speed increases, the torque also increases; when the rotation speed decreases, the torque also decreases. In addition, the torque at start-up is also different from the standard torque.

Plastic Toilet Damper WW20H8S - Billion2