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Several ways to choose a toilet

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-23      Origin: Site

Before choosing a toilet on the market, first determine the size of the water in the seat (i.e. the distance from wall to wall).

What to look for when choosing a toilet?

1. Determine the height of the drain according to the condition of the toilet and cut off the rest. The goal is to make the pipe and the bottom of the toilet more consistent. First use the hacksaw or cornea of  the sewer according to the level of 0.5 cm, because the flange of the toilet is soft. If it is not 0.5 cm high, there may be water seepage problems, and the 0.5 cm fit is stricter.

2. Measure the pit distance. Before choosing a toilet, first determine the size of the water in the house, that is, the distance from the wall to the water. When using a toilet, if you are decorating tiles, you must measure the pit distance after applying the tiles. Otherwise, the toilet will not be able to be installed.silent close toilet seat cost - YuanfarAluminum

3. Install the flange ring provided with the toilet at the drain. Remember to press hard to ensure the tightness of the flange ring and toilet drain. Place the flange on the toilet drain. Then carefully align the lower hose and lower it smoothly. At this point, the wall of the downpipe will be inserted into the viscous clay of the flange to seal.

4. Once the test water is complete, start installing the cover.

5. Glue around the toilet, this step is also very important, not only to stabilize the toilet, but also to prevent the smell of the net from being released from the toilet. So we're not just fighting, we're fighting for four full weeks. At the intersection of the toilet bowl and the outer surface of the floor, since the toilet bowl and the floor are not integral, a joint sealing transparent sealant can be used to agitate and seal the outer opening of the toilet bowl to maintain the integrity of the floor. Some bathroom water can clog around the toilet. Note: If you need to install the set screw, first use the special sealant installed in the toilet, evenly apply it to the outer 2CM of the toilet base. The toilet drain should be oriented towards the center of the drain and pulled well. Where the expansion bolts are on the left and right side of the toilet, remove the toilet, punch and raised bolts.

6.Install or debug tank accessories.

7.After installing the toilet, wait until the glass glue (putty) or cement mortar has cured before draining the water. The curing time is usually 24 hours.

How toilet damper works?

When the toilet falls, the rotating shaft is driven to rotate, and the damping oil is squeezed from the direction of the large hole to the direction of the small hole through the screw. Generally used in the case of heavy cover plate, it is filled with a certain amount of damping oil, and there is a rotating shaft in the middle.

Damping helps to reduce the resonance amplitude of the mechanical structure, so as to avoid the structure damage caused by the vibration stress reaching the limit; damping helps the mechanical system to quickly return to a stable state after an instantaneous impact.

Damping helps reduce sound radiation due to mechanical vibrations and reduces mechanical noise. The noise of many mechanical components, such as the housing of the transportation tool and the saw blade, is mainly caused by vibration. The use of damping can effectively suppress the resonance, thereby reducing the noise.

When ζ = 1, the solution is a pair of multiple real roots, and the damping form of the system at this time is called critical damping. In real life, the doors of many rooms or bathrooms in many buildings are equipped with torsion springs for automatic door closing, and correspondingly equipped with damping hinges, so that the damping of the door is close to the critical damping, so that when people close the door or the door is blown by the wind, Doesn't make too much noise.

In actual vibration, since friction always exists, the energy initially obtained by the vibration system will continue to do negative work to the system due to the resistance during the vibration process, so that the energy of the system is continuously reduced, the intensity of vibration is gradually weakened, and the amplitude is also reduced. It is getting smaller and smaller, so that the final stop vibration, like this, due to the mechanical energy of the system, due to friction and conversion into internal energy, the vibration amplitude weakens with time.