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Zinc Alloy Toilet Damper WW22J4S

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Toilet Safety Frame  WW22J4S

Model: WW22J4S

Product Name: Zinc Alloy Damper

Torque I 1.0-4.0 N • m

Openning Angle: 115°

Closing Angle I -5°

Performance: 115°to 75°fast, 75°to 0°slowly

Material: Shaft: Zinc Alloy, House: PBT+GF

Plastic Toilet Damper WW22J4S

Toilet Seat Brackets Fittings Characteristics

A. Temperature characteristics

The torque produced by the damper changes when it is affected by the ambient temperature. This is because the change of temperature will cause the viscosity of the damping oil to change, and the torque output will decrease with the increase of temperature; it will increase with the decrease of temperature. When the temperature returns to normal, the torque will also return to its original value.

Plastic Toilet Damper Billion

How to install and replace toilet seat lowering device?

1. First check the toilet seat.  Put the upright toilet seat down. If it can stay in any position and fall slowly and evenly, there is nothing wrong with the toilet seat.  If the lid or seat falls with a snap, there is a problem with the damping system.

2. Press the inside of the pin that connects the toilet seat to the outside of the toilet seat and lift the lid up.  It's easy to take the lid off.  If you look at it from the outside, you can't see any place to remove it. This is where you have to explain how to remove the toilet seat.

3. With the short end of the six-angle corner wrench, insert one end of the pin from the outside and push it hard against the inside. The pin will come out.  Then take out the pins on the other side.  This is also an important step, generally can not find a place to disassemble.