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Suggestions for damper selection

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-04      Origin: Site

We are committed to solving various problems of the toilet seat, such as uneven descending speed, making a lot of noise, etc. As a professional manufacturer of fully automatic soft-closed damper equipment, we have been in this market for 10 years and have accumulated rich experience in customer service. Our products now represent us in more than 50 countries around the world. Our R&D department, with experienced engineers, creative designers and detail-oriented technicians, constantly surprises the industry with new designs and cutting-edge features.

Damper is a very important part in hardware accessories, but how does it work? Damper is first used in aerospace, military and other industries, and its main function is shock absorption efficiency. Later, they were slowly applied to the construction, furniture and hardware industries. Dampers come in many forms, such as pulsation dampers, magnetorheological dampers, rotary dampers, hydraulic dampers, etc. Different dampers may have different forms, but their principle is the same, they are all designed to reduce vibration, convert friction into internal energy, and drive the operation of the entire system. Damping generally means that the relative motion of an object is hindered, and the resulting motion friction can be effectively converted into the required heat energy or other dissipated energy.

Suggestions for damper selection

A. Free and slow falling of cover plate (rotation axis is directly connected with buffer axis or inner hole, as shown below)  

The cover plate starts from less than 90° and falls slowly to 0°. The cover plate acts on the rotation axis.toilet hinge kit cost - Billion

The torque is calculated as follows: T=L/2×M×9.8 (N.m)  

L: Cover size (M)  

M: Weight of cover (Kg)  

The above calculation formula can get the maximum torque generated by the lid's own gravity when the lid is about to be closed. Please use this torque to confirm the final decision required torque.  Torque adjustment can be achieved by changing the viscosity of the damping oil.  (Note: If the structure is equipped with gears or levers, the selection method of torque is different according to the gear ratio or lever ratio. Assuming that the gear ratio or lever ratio is 1:2, the torque needed for slow falling of the rotating body under the same conditions should also be 2 times.)  

B. The rotary damper matches the motion buffer of the spring (as shown in Figure A below, the cover plate rotates open due to the spring force)  

The relation curve of spring force F, cover plate load W, and pre-selected damper torque T is shown in FIG.

Torque is calculated as follows


W: Load torque of cover plate  

Torque applied to the rotating shaft by a cover plate or other mechanism requiring spring support.  

F: Spring output torque  

The spring force is sufficient to support the load resistance of the cover plate or other mechanism.  

T: damper torque  

In order to ensure that the cover plate or other rotating mechanism can rotate smoothly in place, the damper torque T should be slightly less than the difference between the spring output torque and the load torque of the cover plate.