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The material of the toilet seat

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-28      Origin: Site

For consumers, products not only depend on technology and brand, but also on specific quality. For example, the toilet seat depends on its material. At present, there are five kinds of toilet cover materials in the domestic market, namely: urea-formaldehyde cover plate, PVC plate, plastic and wood and acrylic. The appearance, use effect and characteristics of these five materials are different.

What are the materials of the toilet cover?

1. The material of the toilet cover is basically wood, individual system, urea-formaldehyde cover, plastic, stone, and acrylic. Among the cities the toilet cover on the surface is mostly acrylic cover, which has the advantages of long moisture resistance and acid resistance, long service life and color. Also gorgeous, easy to maintain and easy to clean, just scrub with soap or a soft cloth.

2. The other is the urea-formaldehyde cover, which is used by many people. The advantages are high hardness, durability, good texture and not easy to scratch. Of course, the price is higher than that of acrylic.ergonomic toilet seat cost - Billion

3. The commonly used cover material is PVC sheet, which is commonly known as PP sheet. The biggest advantage is that the price is relatively cheap among the three.

How to remove the toilet cover?

1. The toilet cover of the toilet is broken. The toilet cover is fixed by two bolts, one on the left and one on the right. The red circle location, below is the screw, both of which I encountered are plastic bolts and nuts.

2. Press the bolt with one hand on the top, and loosen the nut with the other hand below, which can be removed. Matters needing attention: It should be loosened counterclockwise, and tightened clockwise, but it doesn't matter.

3. After cleaning up the bad toilet cover, you need to measure the size, mark A (hole distance): the distance between the two holes; B (Length): measure from the center of the hole to the outermost edge of the toilet, C (width): measure the widest part to the edge. have this three data, you can buy a brand new toilet seat. Be sure to take a picture and ask the owner and tell him the three dimensions are for the size to be appropriate. The purpose of taking pictures for the owner is to judge whether the toilet is O-shaped, U-shaped, or V-shaped. These three types are really not so easy to distinguish. Generally speaking, there are more V-shaped toilets.

4. Check the accessories of the newly purchased toilet cover, first fix the bolts, screws and clips to the brackets. The red circle part is slidable, and is finally used to fix the toilet lid. The left and right two buckles can slide to ensure that the bolt holes can be inserted.

5. Insert the screw holes, or fix it directly with a screwdriver. Note: You need to use a screwdriver to tighten the screws. Bolt to ensure that the bracket does not slide. I did not fasten it tightly at first, which caused the toilet seat to shake after it was installed. To be reworked.

6. Align the new toilet cover with the bracket gap, and push it towards the water tank according to the direction indicated by the red arrow above. The toilet lid is stuck into the bracket, and then the position indicated in the figure is the buckle mentioned in the fourth step, and you can secure the toilet lid.