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PP Toilet Lid A・007

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Removing Toilet Lid A・007

Size: 440x355mm

Material: PP

Shape: 0 shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-locking

removable toilet seat cover - Billion

Toilet seat option

On the back of the seat directly behind the toilet of the fixed bolt down and to get off the broken toilet cover, and the toilet bolt location is usually not good looking, some toilet is at the door, have a plenty of in the dark, in the dark of the bolt is generally in the toilet on the side of the tank, just open the lid, went in hand, to the direction of the water tank, can touch.  

We can directly remove the bolts of the toilet seat in the open place, and then install the adjusted toilet seat on the toilet seat. Because the size is not big or small, after the bolts are adjusted, it is ok to fix the screw cap against the two holes.  To replace the lid, we only need to fasten the screw on the back of the toilet.  

Now the seat size of basic is between 34 and 39 cm width, basic can make the width of the toilet cover plate cover, because a lot of can be adjusted by the size of the toilet cover, so the toilet cover two mounting hole size had better be in 14-19 between, or are some of the intelligent toilet cover there are some convex lower water lever,  So the inner diameter of the toilet seat as long as possible some larger good.