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PP Toilet Lid A-0801

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Installing Toilet Seat Cover A-0801

Size: 420x345mm

Material: PP

Shape: Ultra-thin square shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: One key design

toilet seat new design cost - Billion

The cleanness method of closestool:

1. "Coke" is also a toilet cleaner to drink the rest of the coke poured out is a pity, can be poured into the toilet, soak for an hour or so, the dirt can generally be removed, if not completely removed, can be further brush in addition.  The citric acid in coke will remove stains from the glassy pottery.  Many people are afraid that hydrochloric acid and other toilet cleaning agents will harm their children, so they dare not let children learn to clean the toilet.  In fact, most toilet detergents currently on the market are neutral;  If you are worried, shampoo is enough to clean a dirty toilet.  In this way, parents can let their children learn to do clean housework.  The method of use is the same as that of general toilet washing.  Shampoo dry stir will produce foam, and fragrant, children are also very happy to sweep up.  

2. Cleaning agent desliming for the yellow dirt formed by the edge of the toilet bowl, the old nylon socks can be tied to one end of the stick, dipped in foaming detergent scrub, cleaning once a month, you can keep the toilet white.  Specific method is: put right amount water inside closestool first, brush with closestool after cleaning, pour 5 ~ 10 milliliter cleaner or salt acid fluid again, scrub after besmear evenly with brush.  If the dirt is heavy, you can pour a little detergent after soaking, scrub until clean.