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PP Toilet Lid A-0886

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Toilet Seat Installation A-0886

Size: 430x365mm

Material: PP

Shape: U shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: One key design

japanese toilet seat covers buy - Billion

The cleanness method of closestool:

1. In addition to the skills of toilet urine scale with a handle suction to squeeze out the water in the toilet, the less water left, the better.  Then, pour the high-concentration bleach water into the nylon brush and put it into the inner wall of the toilet and all parts of the bottom neck, brush evenly, drift for at least half an hour, and then rinse with water, so that the yellow stains and odor will be removed with the sterilizing power of the bleach water.  Please note that chlorine bleach should not be used with any acidic detergent to avoid chlorine gas.The part of closestool outside, can wash with water, reoccupy dry cloth is wiped can.    

2. The role of the rest of the soap head can not be ignored can use a piece of gauze or old silk stockings to make a small pocket, the soap head into the tight hanging in the toilet water tank.  Soap dissolves in water, can rise to clean closestool effect.  As to the base of the outside of closestool that average person ignores easier, apply cleaner gush doused scrub, wash with water clean, finally, wipe its whole with clean cloth, can bright white be like new.