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PP Toilet Lid A-For Kids

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Small Round Toilet Seat A-For Kids

Size: 350x265mm

Material: PP

Shape: 0 shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-locking

toilet bowl cover for kids - Billion

How should toilet closestool choose?

1. Appearance  

After all, everyone has different preferences and tastes, so the choice of toilet will naturally be different.  However, besides can choose according to oneself be fond of besides, decorate a style according to toilet even undertake choosing, such whole ability can photograph coordinates collocation.  But in style collocation must not be too abrupt, otherwise it will affect visual aesthetic feeling.  

2. Sewage effect  

The blowdown effect of closestool also is the part that nots allow to ignore when choosing, but the impulse force that wants to know closestool has how strong after all, can undertake a simple flush water test when buying.  Just put a ping-pong ball into the toilet and press the flush button to see if it can flush the ball away.