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Smart Toilet Seat Cover IT4012A

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Smart Toilet Seat Cover  IT4012A Product Description:

Parameter of hygienic bidet toilet seat:

Model: IT-4012-A

Shell material: ABS

Color: white (other colors can be customized)

Toilet cover: PE

Control method: manual button

Power supply voltage: input voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz output 24V

Power consumption: static ≤1.5W dynamic ≤15W

Installation method: The installation board is separated from the host, and the installation is adaptive. 

Function of Disposable change toilet seat cover :

1. Button control for changing sleeves

2. Humanized thermostatic seat ring

3. Slow down cover

4. The overall flip-up hatch

5. Delayed response

6. Motor overload protection

7. Multiple waterproof and moisture-proof

8. The maximum capacity of the cabin is 120 times

9. Simple shape without cover

10. Double seat ring

What are the materials of the toilet cover?

1. The material of the toilet cover is basically wood, individual system, urea-formaldehyde cover, plastic, stone, and acrylic. Among the cities

The toilet cover on the surface is mostly acrylic cover, which has the advantages of long moisture resistance and acid resistance, long service life and color.

Also gorgeous, easy to maintain and easy to clean, just scrub with soap or a soft cloth.

2. The other is the urea-formaldehyde cover, which is used by many people. The advantages are high hardness, durability, good texture and not easy to scratch. Of course, the price is higher than that of acrylic.

3. The commonly used cover material is PVC sheet, which is commonly known as PP sheet. The biggest advantage is that ,the price is relatively cheap among the three.