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UF Toilet Lid A-0754

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Bidet Toilet Suite A-0754

Size: 460x355mm

Material: UF

Shape: Ultra-thin V shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm 

Installation: One key design

bidet toilet seat with dryer - Billion

How to choose a bidet toilet lid, what kind of toilet seat is better?

Toilet is a very common bathroom product used in the family in recent years, and the toilet seat is an important part of the toilet, the toilet seat has many kinds of materials and styles, how to choose the toilet seat?  

First of all, when choosing a toilet seat, we must pay attention to the size of the toilet seat. Especially when you choose a toilet seat and a toilet seat are not the same brand, the size of the toilet seat must match the size of the toilet seat, so that it is comfortable to use.  Generally speaking, the tank wall to the front of the toilet at least 49 centimeters, if less than this distance, there will be a toilet seat and toilet do not match the situation, the use effect is not good.  

The second is the shape of the toilet. As we all know, most intelligent toilet seat products are aimed at circular toilets, and the matching between circular and square toilets and intelligent toilet seats is poor.  Last skill is waterway of choose and buy, use smart toilet cover, or need to be completed and a tap water pipe connecting toilet flushing function, if there is no reserved at the edge of the toilet pipes, is more troublesome, need to pick up another pipe to the toilet, for family has finished, can only walk Ming tube, it will occupy space and beautiful.