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UF Toilet Lid A-0803

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Bidet Toilet Cover A-0803

Size: 420x360mm

Material: UF

Shape: Ultra-thin square shape

Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: One key design

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What kind of material is the bidet toilet cover?

There are many kinds of toilet lid materials, such as plastic, wood, bamboo, urea-formaldehyde cover plate, stone, acrylic and so on.  

1. Acrylic cover plate: the most toilet cover plate on the market is acrylic cover plate. The advantage is that the tide resistance and acid resistance life is long, the service life is long, the color is gorgeous, the maintenance is convenient and the cleaning is simple, and the use of soap or soft cloth can scrub.  

2. Urea-formaldehyde cover plate: the use of more people and urea-formaldehyde cover plate, urea-formaldehyde resin is generally water-soluble resin, easy to cure, the cured resin is non-toxic, colorless, good light resistance, long-term use does not change color, thermal molding does not change color, can add a variety of colorants to prepare a variety of bright color products.  Urea-formaldehyde resin hard, scratch resistance, resistance to weak acid weak base and grease and other media, cheap, has a certain toughness, but it is easy to absorb water, so water resistance and electrical properties are poor, heat resistance is not high, the natural price is higher than acrylic.  

3.  PVC cover plate: the commonly used cover plate is made of PVC cover plate, which is commonly known as PP board. The biggest advantage lies in the price, which is the cheapest among the three.  Its advantages are easy to change color, fracture, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance;  The disadvantage is that hardness is not enough, difficult to produce.  The cover plate of cover plate implement is to belong to durable article, the service life of commonly good cover plate is between 5-8 years, but also do not exclude the cover plate with poorer quality.