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UF Toilet Lid A-0808

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Foldable Toilet Seat Cover A-0808

Size: 470x365mm

Material: UF

Shape: Ultra-thin square shape Hole distance: 6-20cm

Installation: Double key self-locking

flushable toilet seat covers buy - Billion

How to replace the flat toilet seat?  

1. Turn around the toilet to see where the screw cap is, then choose the appropriate wrench, remove the screw cap, and replace it with a new one.

2.  It is difficult to find the position of the general screw caps, some in the light, some in the dark.  Screw cap in the dark, in the toilet next to the water tank side, open the cover.  Reach in with your hand, up, toward the direction of the water tank over, should be able to touch, see is invisible.  

3. It should be noted that most of the toilet seat is regardless of size, installation adjustment of the two bolts on the line.  But also need to measure the size, screw hole distance, the width and length of the toilet seat, and then buy a new toilet seat for replacement.