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Zinc Alloy Toilet Damper WW20J

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Bottom Toilet Seat Fixings WW20J

Model: WW20J

Product Name: Zinc Alloy Damper

Torque: 1.0—4.0 N , m

Openning Angle: 115°

Closing Angle: -5°

Performance: 115°to75°fast, 75°to0°slowly

Material: Shaft:Zinc Alloy, House: PBT+GF

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Use of pressure damper regulator:  

A. When the rotating buffer of this series starts to fall from the vertical position to the horizontal position as shown in Figure 1, the designed torque is weakest at the beginning position. As the Angle of the buffer rotates, the torque gradually increases, so the lid can be closed slowly at the end.  Figure 2 shows that when the lid falls from the horizontal position, the torque due to the weight of the lid is zero in the vertical direction, and the buffer has the maximum torque in the last position, so the lid cannot be closed completely.  

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B.When using a rotary buffer, calculate the required torque as follows.

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Ex. :  

The weight of cover M:1kg  

The length of the rotating axis from the edge of the cover plate L:0.5m  

Load torque: T=1×0.5×9.8÷2=2.45N•m  

Based on the above calculation, we selected the buffer as LF-18E-25kGF. cm(25kgF. cm≈2.45Nm).  

C. Please minimize the clearance between the rotating shaft and the combined parts. If there is clearance, the speed of the cover plate will be affected when the rotation falls.