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Zinc Alloy Toilet Hinge YH04

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Bronze Toilet Seat HingesYH04

Model: YH04

Product Name: Zinc Alloy oval hinge

Torque I 1.0-3.0 N • m

Openning Angle: 115°

Closing Angle: -5°

Performance: 115°to 75°fast, 75*to 0°slowly

Material: Zinc Alloy

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Broken Toilet Seat Hinge Material:

Zinc alloy, steel, nylon, iron, stainless steel.  

Surface treatment :

Powder spraying, galvanized alloy, galvanized steel, sandblasting, chrome zinc alloy, nickel steel, wire drawing and polishing, etc.  

Common classification:

1. According to the type of base, it is divided into two types: unloading and fixed.

2. According to the type of the arm body, it can be divided into two types: sliding type and card type.

3, According to the door cover position is divided into full cover (straight bend, straight arm) generally cover 18 cm, half cover (middle bend, bend arm) cover 9 cm, hidden (big bend, big bend) door all hidden inside;  

4, According to the development stage of the hinge is divided into: a force hinge, two force hinge, hydraulic buffer hinge, touch self-opening hinge, etc.;  

5, According to the hinge opening Angle: generally used 95-110 degrees, special 25 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, 165 degrees, 180 degrees and so on;  

6, According to the type of hinge is divided into: ordinary one, two force hinge, short arm hinge, 26 cup micro hinge, pin hinge, aluminum frame door hinge, special Angle hinge, glass hinge, rebound hinge, American hinge, damping hinge, thick door hinge and so on.