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Smart toilet cover installation tutorial and matters

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The matters of smart toilet cover

1. The china foldable toilet seat for adults smart toilet cover is only suitable for AC 220V/50Hz power supply.

2. The socket used should be firmly installed on the wall, at least 50CM from the ground, and have grounding measures that meet the regulations.

3. It cannot be installed in a place where it is easy to be wetted by water/other conductive liquids to avoid electric shock caused by water ingress.

4. The socket and its wiring should be able to withstand the load of the smart cover. The smart cover should use an independent socket as much as possible, and do not share a socket with other high-power electrical appliances. Failure to do so may result in damage to lines and sockets, resulting in a fire or electric shock.

5. The power cord cannot be squeezed by heavy objects or sharp objects, so as to avoid damage and lead to electric shock. If the power cord is not long enough, please purchase a professional power extension cord produced by the manufacturer.extra height toilet for sale - Billion

6. Do not touch the plug/socket with wet objects, and do not flush the socket with liquid, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock. Wipe the plug with a dry cloth before inserting it into the socket, and insert the plug into the socket thoroughly to avoid electric shock and poor contact.

7. Pull out the power plug during thunderstorms to avoid damage to the smart cover due to lightning strikes.

8. The ambient temperature of the smart cover should not be lower than 3~40℃, otherwise the cover will be damaged due to the freezing of water.

9. Do not install in a place exposed to the sun, otherwise it will be easy to fade/aging, and the performance will be unstable.

10. To clean the smart cover, you must first unplug it. You can use a rag dampened with water, wring it out, and then wipe the smart cover.

11. Do not place heating appliances or burning objects on the smart cover, so as not to burn out or even cause a fire.

12. Do not lean on the toilet cover at the back when in use, so as not to damage the toilet cover.

13. When the nozzle is extended, do not force the nozzle, so as not to damage the nozzle.

Installation tutorial of toilet cover

1. Insert the 2 expansion rubber sleeves with nuts into the 2 mounting holes on the ceramic toilet, then place the fixing plate and the metal adjustment piece in turn, and tighten the 2 fixing screws by hand (about 70% tight) to the expansion rubber. in the set of nuts.

2. Push the cover onto the fixing plate, move and adjust the position of the cover on the ceramic toilet. Then press the push rod of the cover, remove the smart cover, tighten the fixing screw with a screwdriver, and then push it into the fixing plate to complete the positioning of the host.

3. First connect the water inlet hose to the smart cover, then connect the filter to the other end of the hose, and finally connect the filter to the water supply connector. Be careful not to tighten too much when connecting the water pipe, so as not to damage the plastic threads, as long as you can ensure that there is no water leakage.

4. Turn on the water tap slowly and check for leaks. Turn off the water faucet after making sure no water leaks.

5. Insert the power plug, press the switch on the plug, the indicator light on it lights up to indicate that the power is on.

6. Leakage protection test: in the power-on state, press the test switch on the plug, then the indicator light goes out and the power is cut off. If the indicator light does not go out after pressing the test switch, or if the test switch is not pressed after the power is turned on, the indicator light also goes out automatically, indicating that there is a problem with the circuit or the power plug, and you should ask a professional to repair it before continuing the installation.

7. System self-inspection: After ensuring that the water-leakage and electric-leakage switches can work normally, turn on the water supply switch and the power switch. After about 3 minutes of self-inspection, the product can be operated through the control handle or remote control.