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Do toilet lid covers actually work?

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How to extend the life of toilet seat cover?

1. Do not place in direct sunlight, near a direct heat source or exposed to soot, otherwise it will cause discoloration.

2. Do not place hard and heavy objects, such as water tank covers, flower pots, buckets, pots, etc., otherwise it will scratch the surface or cause cracking.

3. The toilet cover and seat should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Strong acid, strong carbon and decontamination powder are prohibited for cleaning. Do not use volatile agents, thinners or other chemicals to clean, otherwise the surface will be corroded. Do not use sharp objects such as wire brushes and blades for cleaning.PP Toilet Lid A-Lash Type019 - 西安彼邻实业有限公司1

4. When the toilet cover is installed without a water tank or a low water tank, people should not lean back, otherwise it will lead to breakage.

5. The toilet cover should be opened and closed lightly to avoid direct collision with the water tank to leave scars and affect the appearance; or it may cause breakage.

6. Products using metal seat hinges (metal screw threads) should be careful not to allow acid and alkaline solvents to adhere to the product, otherwise it will easily rust.

The balanced colony function of the smart toilet cover

Every time the toilet is flushed, it seems that the turbulent water flow will swept away the dirt and bacteria together, but some studies have pointed out that the number of bacteria on the inner wall of the toilet that has just been flushed is still as high as 100,000. If the toilet is flushed with the lid open, the high instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can carry germs and microbes up to 6 meters in the air and stay suspended in the air for hours. These invisible water droplets will carry germs and fall. to surrounding walls and objects. Compared with the inner wall of the toilet, the outside of the toilet seat and toilet seat is where bacteria gather.

The balanced colony seat of the smart toilet seat adopts high-level balanced colony ABS material to effectively prevent the reproduction and growth of bacteria, and can maintain the balanced colony effect for a long time. Because the balanced colony masterbatch is added to the seat ring, which contains nano-scale silver ions, it can play the effect of balancing the colony.

The sterilization mechanism of nano-silver balance colony is a "physical method" that does not harm people and the environment at all. This is because nano-silver will not leave the carrier and enter the air and human body, but will adsorb bacteria like a magnet like dust. Make them unable to breed, and even if the bacteria die, they will not let them go and pollute the environment. Smart toilet manufacturers said that nano-silver can also enter the interior of bacteria, destroying the respiratory system and transmission system of microbial cells, thereby killing bacteria; in addition, due to the catalytic effect of nano-silver, the oxidation or dissolved oxygen in water becomes active oxygen, So as to achieve a balanced colony effect. Its equilibrium colony lifespan is synchronized with the seat ring lifespan.