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How to choose a toilet seat

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-16      Origin: Site

Toilet seat option

Now the length of the toilet cover basic is in more than 50 centimeters, but many toilet seats are 52-58 cm, length corresponding to the seat of the toilet cover size diameter basic is around 30 cm in length, and we are in the seat of choose and buy when, can along the center line of the toilet measure the length of the toilet to the tank top tip position,  Generally speaking, they are above 50 centimeters.  

On the back of the seat directly behind the toilet of the fixed bolt down and to get off the broken toilet cover, and the toilet bolt location is usually not good looking, some toilet is at the door, have a plenty of in the dark, in the dark of the bolt is generally in the toilet on the side of the tank, just open the lid, went in hand, to the direction of the water tank, can touch.round toilet seat lid cover cost - Billion  

We can directly remove the bolts of the toilet seat in the open place, and then install the adjusted toilet seat on the toilet seat. Because the size is not big or small, after the bolts are adjusted, it is ok to fix the screw cap against the two holes.  To replace the lid, we only need to fasten the screw on the back of the toilet.  

Now the seat size of basic is between 34 and 39 cm width, basic can make the width of the toilet cover plate cover, because a lot of can be adjusted by the size of the toilet cover, so the toilet cover two mounting hole size had better be in 14-19 between, or are some of the intelligent toilet cover there are some convex lower water lever,  So the inner diameter of the toilet seat as long as possible some larger good.

Tips to buy toilet cover lid

1. We in the purchase of toilet seat, in the appearance of the design can be selected according to personal preference, and then the use of the toilet seat function also need to carefully check again. For example, its flushing Settings, heating function, and deodorization according to the use stage is strong or weak, so we should pay attention to automatic power saving and timing power saving can be set at the same time, of course, in the choice of time to consider energy saving and environmental protection, as well as the use of comfort.

2. The toilet seat in safety issues should also be considered, the better the quality of the toilet seat to buy, the higher the safety factor, the product must be bought to meet the national safety standards, and manufacturers are required to show the relevant documents. Should observe the surface of closestool cover plate when choose and buy, look below lamplight whether flood light, say to touch next, see light not smooth, have very apparent eye of needle. Tap the surface with the hand to see the sound clear and sweet, no cracking sound, shape without deformation.

3. There is the after-sales service after the purchase, which is very important for us, generally in the long-term use of the trend will appear a lot of different size of the problem. Want to know toilet cover plate maintenance is very troublesome, so when choose and buy, want to pay attention to ask clear shelf life.